Web applications are exposed to a full-range of attacks, not addressed by current solutions.

  • WAF, IPS, traditional web-application and SDLC security solutions are blind to a full range of attacks.

    Security solutions available today aren't designed to continuously verify supply chain attacks and execution of malicious code.

  • According to Symantec, Formjacking attacks skyrocketed, with an average of 4,800 websites compromised each month, supply chains remained a soft target with attacks ballooning by 78%.

  • "Faced with diminishing returns from ransomware and cryptojacking, cyber criminals double down on alternative methods like formjacking for profit."

The dynamic web application architecture exposes businesses to endless sources of risks.


Detect and block active attacks in run-time, regardless of the threat source.

Detect and block active attacks in run-time caused by your 3rd-party services, inhouse code, and open source projects.

Deep learning model for real-time identification and prevention of malicious activity.

Digital critical security and risk management for real-time actionable insights.

Continuous identification and protection of vulnerabilities and attacks on production (includes 0-day).

Doesn’t require tuning or security experts. Monitor and prevent attacks as easy as the way you monitor performance..

  • Unparalleled Technology. Behavioural code execution analysis for identification & prevention of malicious activity.

An AI-powered Runtime Web Application Self-protection (RWASP) solution for supply chain attacks, Formjacking, customer data breaches, zero-day attacks, and vulnerabilities.

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