Building the Industry’s First Secured Ads Layer


Unlocks Ad Revenues

Unlock lost ad revenue and drive revenue growth by restoring blocked inventory, supporting Display, Native and Video formats.


Seamless Integration

No need to change anything (just a small configuration). Machine learning system auto detects and protects the sites ad units.


Win them Back

myChoice provides a set of tools for user engagement and dialog, based on behavioral economics concepts.


Built on Security

Our Partners WAF, DDoS protection, and SSL defend your website from all types of online threats.

Introducing myChoice. A peaceful solution to a complex problem.

To settle the conflict with blockers, we've invested a lot of research to build a technology that provides publishers with a set of tools to listen and engage with Blockers. By offering users to customize and control their ad experience in a very friendly manner, myChoice helps to rebuild the user’s confidence in advertising.

Patented Technology for Monetization Security

With our unique approach and state of the art patented technology, we provide our publishers end-to-end protection against multiple threats.
With a real understanding of the ad-blocking ecosystem and the players involved, we developed a new security approach tackling ad blocking with real technology.

Our solution is deployed as a secure layer on the publisher’s CDN (or network base), equipped with our patented technology. Enabling the automatic detection of unauthorized changes to the site structure and ability to restore it back to the original look and feel, while keeping the advertising business intact.